Accessorizing: 3 Easy Steps to Follow

When accessorizing a shelf, cabinet, or any flat surface for that matter, it is important that you utilize space without making it look like you just piled a bunch of objects together (especially if you've spent a decent chunk of change on them...). There is a method to the madness and if you follow these 3 easy steps, you may just turn your cabinet in to a designer masterpiece. Here are the steps:

  1. Balance is key. Whether its a bookshelf or a side table, always implement the 1/3/5 method of balancing. That is, only use one accessory, a cluster of three, or a cluster of five accessories per space or corner of a shelf. Also, if accessorizing a sofa table, for example, try using one accessory on one end of the table and a cluster of three on the other end. Accessories can be lamps, potted plants, clocks, and other knick knacks that you find interesting. Have fun with it!
  2. Utilizing neutrals helps with the overall visual of the display. Using objects that are white, black, or a metal finish will help with balance and also brings freshness to the display. Stick to the same metals if possible i.e. brass accessories that compliment a brass side table.
  3. Accent colors should be used no more then 5 times in a display (depending on how large the space is). Accent colors are the colors used in the overall room scheme, so pick one or two colors and spread accessories evenly throughout the display (remember the 1/3/5 rule). Be creative!

FAQs: What to Expect When Hiring an Interior Designer

Many of you are coming across our website looking to change your living spaces, but are new to the whole "Interior Design" experience. This blog post is to highlight the benefits of hiring an Interior Designer/Decorator, as well as answering many frequently asked questions. By contacting the Operations Manager, Marisa, you can have more specific questions answered. Once you feel confident in your decision to hire us, set up a design consultation so that we can view your space in person and devise the best plan for your needs. 

Why hire an Interior Designer? Can I just do it myself?

This is a fantastic question, one which many have asked themselves and have attempted to do the work on their own, only to find the process to be a bit more complicated then what they thought it would be like. An Interior Designer and Decorator is trained to look at a space and see potential that the average eye would not be able to see. Through years of education and experience, an Interior Designer and Decorator can design the best layouts, put together patterns and color schemes, and even (in some cases) design furniture! Other important benefits of hiring a Designer are:

  • Identifying the functionality of a space, basically getting the most out of the room beyond your own expectations
  • Designers have at their fingertips sources of furniture and home decor that can be customized to your liking (not like the "One Size Fits All" mantra of retail furniture stores), antiques from all over the world and all at designer, not retail pricing
  • Coordinates all the decorating and designing projects with contracting work with ease, since we are a Design and Contracting firm under one roof
  • Creates layouts and design, chooses fabrics and colors, places orders, and executes the project to its completion, so there are no headaches for you. You just have to approve the designs and then before you know it, you will have a big reveal of your very own gorgeous, new space like those home improvement shows!

What's the difference between an Interior Designer and an Interior Decorator?

An Interior Designer achieved higher education to become an "Interior Architect," so he or she is capable of re-designing interiors, knowing which structures can be modified, removed, or added. For example: you hate your fireplace, but you are unsure if parts of it can be changed or removed; an Interior Designer can determine whether the the fireplace is necessary to hold up the roof of your home or not! 

An Interior Decorator works with a Designer to create exceptional living spaces and then works on "dressing" the interiors once any changes are made to the structure. He or she has the education and experience to create color schemes, mix and match patterns, textures, and colors, choose furniture and decor, and place them in the most aesthetically pleasing and functional way.

Do I need a Budget?

It is important to know ahead of time what you are willing to spend on any design or decorating services before you consider hiring a designer. Factor in the costs of any contracting work that may be needed in addition to decorating. Having a ball park idea of your budget will help the designer meet your needs appropriately. If you don't have a budget, then that is great too!

How long will it take until my project is complete?

Depending on how customized the furniture you choose, if any contracting work must be completed, and/or how many spaces you choose to decorate, the average time from the first consultation to completion is about 10 to 12 weeks. This includes:

  • The time it takes for the designer to create the layout/design, the budget and presentation.
  • The ordering process, which normal has approximately an 8 week lead time for pieces that are not customized
  • The final delivery and placing of furniture, decor, drapery, etc
  • Any changes or modifications of the design

What is a Design Layout and Budget Presentation?

Once you have decided to commit with us as your designing firm and have paid the design fee, our Interior Designer, Joe, will devise a layout, any designs for structures, and our Interior Designer Liana, will put together a color scheme of fabrics, artwork, furniture, decor, and a budget that will work with the layout. Once presented to you, you have a chance to approve the entire design, or modify to your liking. 

I hope these questions have helped you closer to deciding on the right decision to hire Sensible Style Design for your design needs! Contact Marisa Viterbo today at 480-837-6518