Accessorizing: 3 Easy Steps to Follow

When accessorizing a shelf, cabinet, or any flat surface for that matter, it is important that you utilize space without making it look like you just piled a bunch of objects together (especially if you've spent a decent chunk of change on them...). There is a method to the madness and if you follow these 3 easy steps, you may just turn your cabinet in to a designer masterpiece. Here are the steps:

  1. Balance is key. Whether its a bookshelf or a side table, always implement the 1/3/5 method of balancing. That is, only use one accessory, a cluster of three, or a cluster of five accessories per space or corner of a shelf. Also, if accessorizing a sofa table, for example, try using one accessory on one end of the table and a cluster of three on the other end. Accessories can be lamps, potted plants, clocks, and other knick knacks that you find interesting. Have fun with it!
  2. Utilizing neutrals helps with the overall visual of the display. Using objects that are white, black, or a metal finish will help with balance and also brings freshness to the display. Stick to the same metals if possible i.e. brass accessories that compliment a brass side table.
  3. Accent colors should be used no more then 5 times in a display (depending on how large the space is). Accent colors are the colors used in the overall room scheme, so pick one or two colors and spread accessories evenly throughout the display (remember the 1/3/5 rule). Be creative!